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A visual display of our real national debt


On Budget Day 2022, Craig Kelly, supported by dozens of United Australia Party candidates and volunteers, set up a visual display of 1 trillion dollars’ worth of government debt in front of Parliament House. 

We did this to visually display just how much debt the country is in, thanks to continual government mismanagement. 

How much is 1 trillion dollars? 1 trillion dollars is 1000 billion dollars. This is how much debt we need to pay back, plus interest. 

Thanks to successive governments’ reckless, wasteful spending, without a clear plan for the next decade there will continue to be fewer government services, higher interest rates and higher taxes in years to come. 

If you want this to end you must vote 1 for the United Australia Party. We are the only party in the upcoming federal election with a plan to pay back this trillion dollars of debt.

Vote 1 United Australia Party for FREEDOM FOREVER!

CLICK HERE or the image below to watch the clip.


Authorised by C. Palmer for the United Australia Party, Avica, 153 Gooding Drive, Merrimac, QLD 4226.

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